Math 1634: CALCULUS I,

Summer 2006


Instructor:      Dr. A. Boumenir

Location:        Boyd 303 Monday 12:00 -1:45; Tuesday and Thursday 11:00- 1:45.

Office:             Boyd 321

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday  2:00 to 5:00 and also by appointment

Phone: 678-839-4131



Text:               Calculus, Early Transcendentals Volume 1 (5th edition) by Stewart.


Objective:       This is the first course in the Calculus sequence.  Students are assumed to be familiar with the main concepts and ideas in Algebra and Trigonometry, which can be found in chapter 1 of our text. We shall cover all sections in chapters 2-5 with an emphasis on Problem Solving.


Tests:              There will be three in class tests, 100 points each, given on Thursdays Test 1 on 22nd June, Test 2 on 6th July and Test 3 on 20th July.


Quizzes:          A weekly quiz will be given on Thursdays and will mainly cover questions from the homework.  Each quiz counts 20 points towards your final grade.  The best 10 quizzes/Hw are counted.


Home Work    is due by 5:00pm on the due date.


Final Exam:    The final exam is Thursday 27 July from 12:30 to 2:30, and counts 200 points towards your final grade. 


Evaluation:     Tests= 3x100 points, Quizzes/Hw= 200 points, Final= 200 points


Grading:         700-630: A,     629-560: B,     559-490: C,     489-420: D,  Below 420:F


W Deadline:   June 28th  is the last day to withdraw with grade of W.