Documents from the Planning Retreat


Melanie McClellan’s statistical snapshot of our students: enrollment planning retreat.ppt


Spreadsheet of programs that might be triggered by USG for low activity: - UPDATED1.xls


PowerPoint from last year’s retreat on EM: Enrollment Direction for EM.ppt



Scot’s spreadsheet on enrollment projections: Enrollment Projection What If.xls



Crafton’s ppt on the history of the planning committee: Planning Retreat.ppt



BOR ppt on population growth: June 2007 FINAL.ppt



Document from planning committee on previous goals:



Andrew Luna’s ppt on projection and classroom use:



Inventory of key ideas from the planning committee:



Membership of planning committee:



Scot’s second presentation on enrollment targets: Retreat 2007 Presentation.ppt



Agenda for the retreat: Retreat.doc


PPT of USG’s strategic plan: Plan USG.ppt


Document of same USG plan: Planning Update v2.doc



Text of SWOT analysis:



Michael Aldrich’s spreadsheet on the Robust Tier (Top Four): Info.xls



Tara Singer’s presentation on external affairs: Planning Retreat.ppt



More of “what if” projections: Enrollment Projection What if.xls


Current draft of goals from the planning committee: goals and usg-presentation.doc


Susan Smith’s ppt on the library: