Publishing Web Pages

     With WS_FTP


WS_FTP is a file management program that works like Windows Explorer and other file managers; once you have everything set, you will be able to open this program and simply highlight files on your machine and click them to the University web server where they will be published.


It is very easy after the initial setup.


SETUP  (Seven Easy Pieces)


1. Compose your web page with MS Word or Netscape Composer (Dreamweaver, Notepad, or whatever).


2. Save the file (with .htm or .html extension) in the appropriate directory on your hard drive.  (Usually in your “My Documents” file)


3. Open WS_FTP. 


3.a  It is not always easy to find this program, so you may have to use the Search command on your Start menu to get there.  Just type in exactly WS_FTP.  The program icon should look like the one below or in Black Letter Gothic FTP.




3b. If you had trouble finding this program, place a shortcut on your desktop.  Simply left click once on the program as it is listed in the results of your Search mentioned above, then right click and select Send to Desktop.


4. Once WS_FTP is opened you will have to make some initial settings.


5. It should look like this:




With the following window open on top of the first.




6. The settings will have to be made in this window Session Profile:


Select New:



The type in Your Name (Real Name):


Host Name:


User ID: mcrafton


Password: *********


Check the Save Password Box


Click Save



After this you will be able to select your name from the drop down menu and click OK.


Once you click OK, you should then become logged on to your server files:




7. Once you arrive at this stage publishing your pages is a simple matter of opening the right folders and clicking and pointing and publishing.


Find your file.  This file, for example, I have named publish_htm.htm and placed it in my Webpagework.


So first Find the file in the Local System side.





Next I need to open up the public_html folder in the Remote System side.




Finally, click the arrow pointing to the right and the file will be published.  Go to your browser and load or reload the document and it should be there.  If not, call ITS.


Finally, finally, if you have a lot of images (as does this page) you have to publish those as well.  MS Word will create a subdirectory of the images when you Save As a web page (or html) and you simply have to publish that subdirectory in the same way that you publish a single page or file.