A University system wide test begun in 1974 to measure minimum competency in the areas of writing and reading. The test consists of two parts: a one hour essay similar to what is written in English 1101 and 1102 and a one hour reading comprehension test consisting of 10 passages and 60 multiple choice questions.


Anyone who is seeking a degree from one of the University System of Georgia schools. The only persons exempted from the Regentsí Test are those who have already earned a bachelorís degree from an accredited institution.


Students must attempt the test once they have earned 30 semester hours of academic credit or passed English 1102, whichever comes first.


The Regentsí Test is offered at three different times over a two-day period each semester, usually around midterm. Registration, which takes only a few minutes, is handled through the Testing Office, 114 Strozer Hall, during the first three weeks of the quarter. Upon registration for the test, a student receives an admissions ticket and information about the study aids available.


The Board of Regents approved the Regentsí Test as a means of insuring that every person graduating from one of the University System of Georgia schools, regardless of which school it was, would have at least minimal writing and reading competency.


You donít register and/or test--you could face remediation.

You pass one part--that part is passed forever. You donít pass--you repeat the test until you do, you enroll in required Regentís Test remediation if you have 45 semester hours or more of college credit, and in the worst case, you do not graduate. You transfer--your RT status follows you.

Youíre not enrolled one quarter--you can test anyway.