DIRECTIONS: Type out an organized, detailed, specific response to each question. You will answer three questions – everyone should answer #2 and #3. You may choose between 1a OR 1b.



1a.) Discuss attitudes toward non-English or colonial subjects in the following canonical British texts: Oroonoko Frankenstein, and Mrs. Dalloway.


1b.) Discuss the portrayal of female characters in the following canonical British texts: Oroonoko, Frankenstein, and Mrs. Dalloway.





2.) Trace the evolution of the sonnet using Wyatt’s “Whoso List to Hunt”      (published posthumously in 1557),  Keats’ “Ode to a Nightingale”(1819)        and Greg Delanty’s contemporary sonnet “Snow and Wind Canticle to   an Unborn Child.” [Delanty’s poem is available at]



3.) Choose the single passage (2-10 sentences or lines) in Oroonoko, Frankenstein, Copperfield, Mrs. Dalloway, or any one of the poems in New British Poetry that is most representative to you of what literature should do. Explain your choice, analyzing and arguing for the significance of the passage.




EXTRA CREDIT :  (20 pts)


Create a clear and compelling visual representation (timeline? graph? chart? poster? ?? ) that is an accurate “map” of this semester’s course. Show what we’ve covered, where we’ve been, and how the works are related. You pick the method that best conveys the relationships of every major text this semester. (Some insight should prevail here, not just a chronology.)