Fall 2013 Reading Schedule: English 1101

Abbreviations:             UR= Understanding Rhetoric      M=Money, Fountainhead V Series          

SR= Supplemental Readings Packet




M 8/26             Introduction to course / description of class objectives. Read Tonight: UR: “Spaces for Writing” (pp. 1-31) & M: “Introduction: The Money in Your Hand and the Money in the Sky” (1).


W 8/28             Fundamentals of Reading and Interpretation: active versus passive reading / Denise Levertov’s “The Secret.”




M 9/2              Labor Day, no classes


W 9/4              Extemporaneous writing assignment #1 (informal/participation grade)


                        Unit 1: Money and Desire

M 9/9              Anything’s an argument? Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken,” “Go West” campaign (youtube clip), Calvin & Hobbes, “Walking Billboard.”

Excerpt from Deborah Appleman, Critical Encounters, “What We Teach and Why” (defining ideology).


W 9/11             Readings due for today~

UR: “Why Rhetoric?” (pp. 35-63) – how texts make arguments: ethos, pathos, logos.

M: “Billionaire” (9), Calvin and Hobbes cartoon (57), “Being Poor” (89).


M 9/16             Readings due for today~

M: “Buy Yourself Less Stuff” (19)

UR: “Strategic Reading” (pp. 68- ) – explicating and analyzing arguments / Semiotic Iceberg. Assign survey guidelines.


W 9/18             SR: “Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising”

Assign guidelines for Essay 1.


M 9/23             Work on surveys / gathering and analyzing data.


W 9/25             Writer’s Workshop: developing arguments and claims – introductions and thesis. Drafting Introductions.


M 9/30             Reading~

UR: “Argument: Beyond Pro and Con” (pp. 144-170) – organizing your argument / paragraph construction.




W 10/2             Paragraph Markup – claims, reasons, evidence. See also Awesome Verbs!


                        Unit 2: Money and Gender

M 10/7             Readings due for today~

M: “Money: A Memoir” (pp. 31), & “A Dollar of Her Own” (pp. 109).

SR: Keep Within the Compass & Live Your Fantasy Campaign.



W 10/9            Subversion and Hybridity: Beyonce’s song “Bow Down.”

Assign guidelines for Essay 2.


M 10/14           Extemporaneous writing assignment #2 (formal/10% of final grade).


W 10/16           Readings due for today~

M: “The Smartest Guys in the Room” (pp. 63).

SR: Be a Man: Macho Advertising Promotes Hyper Masculine Behavior


F 10/18            Last day to withdraw with W


M 10/21           Workshop: introductions and thesis


W 10/23           Build-a-Paragraph Workshop. By Wednesday, bring a work-in-progress draft of Essay 2 for peer feedback.


M 10/28           Writer’s Workshop – for this particular workshop, we will discuss and further workshop your drafts and peer feedback for Essay 2.


W 10/30           Introduction to Film: Film Literacy

                        ESSAY 2 DUE




                        Unit 3: Money and the American Dream

M 11/4             Readings due for today~

Little Miss Sunshine.


W 11/6             SRP: Bright-Sided

Assign guidelines for Essay 3.


M 11/11           Little Miss Sunshine cont.-


W 11/14           Writing About Film.


M 11/18           Peer Review Workshop: “Intro-Thesis Template” for Markup Application.


W 11/20           Paragraph Construction – “Paragraph Construction Template,” for Markup Application. Discuss: Sentence Style.


M 12/25          

                        } Thanksgiving Recess (Nov 25-29); no classes

W 11/27          




M 12/2             Discuss one or two student revised body paragraphs for Essay 3.


W 12/4             Last day of class: peer review / course evaluations.

Essay 3 due



December 7-13             Final Instructions / Examinations (see SCOOP for schedule of exams)