Visual Texts & Media Analysis:

"FCUK" and Ban Deodorant


"Every image embodies a way of seeing."

~John Berger, Ways of Seeing (1972)


Grammar:   Observation: "What do I(eye) see?"

At this point, the parts just look like Puzzling Pieces--you don't know yet how all the elements tie together to form a larger picture or message.                                                                                                           





Logic: Analysis: "What is the text telling me? How?" Puzzling Pieces Together... Contextualizing the Parts.





Rhetoric: Interpretation/Argumentation: "What do I say about the text?" Forming a larger picture that incorporates my conclusions and interpretations of the broader significance or perhaps implications of the text and its messages − its import, or value, to its audience. Etc. An individual with a feminist sensibility would likely "argue against" the embedded gender hierarchies in the FCUK ad (male as associated with strength and dominance and female as associated with passivity and sexual allure) and discuss why this type of gender paradigm "sells" clothes or appeals to a certain audience. Another critic might identify the implications of class and race in the picture, why the ad targets a white middle class audience and the exclusionary factors of that strategy for selling French Connection clothing. Interpretation is all in the "eye of the beholder": there are as many plausible and justifiable readings of a text as there are readers.