English Grammar 4300 – 01

Summer 2012 Reading Schedule / Session 2


NOTE: Per each assigned chapter, and prior to class discussion, complete the grammar exercises the book offers for practice. These are designed to test what you have learned and will guide our class discussion and group work.


NOTE: Readings and assignments are due on the day they are listed in the syllabus. Changes or additions to the readings will likely occur throughout the course.  I will announce these in class and post them online.



Week One: 


June 5

Course Introduction: “Why Study Grammar?” (Calderonello, Martin, & Blair)

  • The Relationship Between Grammar Study and Writing Improvement
  • The Interaction of Language and Culture
  • The Reality of Dialects
  • Three Approaches to Grammar Study / Terms & Concepts


June 7

Chapter One, “Eight Parts of Speech,” p. 17-41 / Preview

Decoding meaning using the parts of speech: groupwork on “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll


Week Two: 


June 12

Chapter Two, “Basic Sentence Patterns for Be and Linking Verbs,” p. 45-58


June 14

Chapter Three, “Basic Sentence Patterns for Intransitive and Transitive Verbs,” p. 63-91.


Week Three: 


June 19

Chapter Four, “Usage Problems Associated With Adjectives and Adverbs,” p. 101-113

Review for Examination I


June 21

Exam I – 90 minutes (Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4)

Preview to Chapter Five: simple and compound sentences



Week Four: 


June 26

Chapter Five, “Combining and Expanding Patterns: Compound Structures,” p. 117-126

June 26 Last Day to Withdraw with the grade of W.


June 28

Chapter Six, “Combining and Expanding Patterns: Complex Sentences With Noun Clauses,” p. 131-141


Week Five: 


July 3

Chapter Seven, “Combining and Expanding Patterns: Complex Sentences With Adverb and Relative Clauses,” p. 145-169


July 5

Continue Chapter Seven; synopsis and review of Chapters 5-7.


Week Six: 


July 10

Review for Examination II



July 12

Exam II – 90 minutes (Chapters 5, 6, & 7)

Preview to Chapter Eight, “Usage Problems of Case, Agreement, and Consistency,” p. 179-198.


Week Seven: 


July 17

Chapter Nine, “Verbs,” p. 201-214.


July 19

Chapter Ten, “Verbals,” p. 219-247.



Week Eight: 


July 24

Chapter Eleven, “Usage Problems Associated With Verbs and Verbals,” p. 255-273

Review for Examination III


July 26

Exam III (from 3-5pm)