Introduction-Thesis Workshop

Part I: Markup Application

Identify the elements of an introduction (found below). Mark them in some way. If an element is missing or merits feedback, you can (1) click on the “Review” tab and use the “Insert Comment” application to provide comments, and (2) provide a description of your feedback in the peer evaluation section below.

Part II: Peer Feedback/Evaluation

Comments from: __________________________________

Introduction: Impressions & Feedback

Your introduction has the following elements of a good introduction:

Your introduction does not have the following element:

Evaluation of Thesis Protocols:

Is the (the thesis) clear and specific?

Is the argument energetic, interesting, inventive?

Does it open up greater complexities of meaning, or primarily offer more obvious “wade-in” responses?

Other considerations:

What comments or insight would you offer to this writer as guides for expansion of his/her interpretive thinking or further exploration into the topic’s complexities? What might help this individual solidify, expand, and lend persuasiveness to his/her investigation?