Ø Does my sign zero in on a specific and visible sign in the novella, The House on Mango Street?


Ø Does my sign have an interesting “slant”?  Is it unorthodox, interesting, fresh?


Ø What diverse meanings does the sign generate that will force me to explore the invisible realities “beneath” the sign I’ve chosen to analyze? Do they adequately account for the multiplicity and varying significances of the chosen sign?


Ø Do the meanings I generate for my sign stimulate my own curiosity and challenge my powers of persuasion?


Ø What reversals can you find, what points of irony where the sign accrues a contradictory or reverse meaning? If none, look for some.


Ø How would you describe the thinking thus far: is critical thinking at a more obvious and “wade-in” level, or complex and inventive?