Summer 2014 Reading Schedule:  English 1102 – 02

Abbreviation:        WAL= Writing About Literature      


Week One:


June 3

·         Introduction to the course: syllabus, learning objectives

·         Fundamentals of Reading and Interpretation: “The Role of Good Reading” (WAL 1-10).


June 5

·         “Elements of Fiction” in WAL, pp. 57-60. Begin The House on Mango Street (pp. 1-45).

·         Note: Review Preventing Plagiarism  (academic honesty quiz Tues. 10th)


Week Two: 


June 10

·         Plagiarism quiz

·         The House on Mango Street cont.- (pgs. 46-110); discovery techniques and group work.

·         Assign guidelines for Essay #1. Discuss WAL, “Tips For Writing About Literature,” pp. 33, and Thesis and Introductions (review and discuss “The Thesis,” pp. 17).

·         For Thursday, bring a statement of thesis and at least two body paragraphs on your flashdrive.


June 12

·         Review student models/paragraph construction models – Three-Ied Monster;/ Strategies for Developing the Third “I”. WAL, “Using Quotations Effectively,” pp. 35-41.

·         By Tuesday, in addition to the required reading for True Diary, read an online interview:


Week Three: 


June 17

Class Cancelled


June 19


      Peer Review: first half of class; have a complete draft on your flashdrive (before class begins) for holistic peer review (I will check drafts; if yours is not complete and/or you do not have one, you receive a zero for a participation grade).


Week Four:  June 24 Last Day to Withdraw with a “W” grade.


June 24

Begin discussion of The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian (pgs. 1-129).

ESSAY 1 DUE Wednesday 25


June 26


True Diary cont.- (pgs. 130-end) / group work. Assign guidelines for Essay #2.



Week Five: 


July 1

  • Introduction & Body Paragraph Workshop (I will check drafts; if yours is not complete and/or you do not have one, you receive a zero for a participation grade).

  • Introduction to Film Literacy; Film Glossary (for reference): view and discuss film clips / reading the grammar of film.


July 3

  •       Continue draft workshop for Essay 2
  •       Second half of class: in-class essay


Week Six: 


July 8


Little Miss Sunshine.



July 10

Little Miss Sunshine cont.-  Assign guidelines for Essay 3.




Week Seven: 


July 15

Little Miss Sunshine / Writing About Film.


July 17

Writer’s Workshop.



Week Eight: 


July 22

Last day of class: peer review / course evaluations / discussion of second in-class essay (retake/optional).


July 24

Final Exam................... 12:30-2:30 pm.

ESSAY 3 DUE at my office Friday July 25, promptly at 3pm.



Note well: Grades will be posted to BanWeb following the final exam period. No grades will be distributed via phone or email.