At UWG and Ohio State I have taught a wide variety of classes. Here is a sample of syllabi, exams, and course materials from those classes. Feel free to contact me if you should want more information about any of these classes or would like more materials.


Sports Economics (ECON 3450) is an upper-division elective offered bi-annually. In this class we cover most of the standard sports economics topics, such as competitive balance, monopsony in the labor market, and public financing of stadiums. I used this class to enhance student writing skills. In addition, we hosted several guest speakers from the Atlanta sports industry and each student gave a presentation over a topic of his or her choice.

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Statistics for Business 1 (ECON 3402) is one of the nine classes in our Business Core for the B.B.A. degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Real Estate, and Economics. Most of the students in this class are juniors or seniors. The class is split into three parts. The first part covers making graphs, calculating measures of center, understanding how to calculate probabilities with the normal distribution, and finding the slope and intercept of a regression line. The second portion of the class is probability, and we cover conditional probability, the binomial and Poisson distributions, and probabilities of independent and dependent events. The third part of the class is hypothesis testing. We cover hypothesis testing with pooled samples, known/unknown standard deviations, samples from independent populations, proportions, and hypothesis testing about the slope and intercept of a regression line.

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Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 2106) is a standard principles class. The first part of class covers comparative advantage, supply and demand, and utility theory as motivation for demand. The second covers applications of supply and demand, like tariffs, quotas, price ceilings and floors, elasticity, international trade, and taxation. The third part of the class is producer theory and I cover every relevant market structure.

Syllabus Sample Midterm Sample Problem Set Sample Lecture Notes

Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 2105) is a standard principles class. I taught a section of this for the Honors College at UWG and a section at Ohio State. We cover a brief review of the first part of micro, the data of macroeconomics, planned aggregate expenditure, and the AD/AS model. One notable difference between this class and perhaps other versions of this class is that I spend two weeks covering money and banking in light of our recent financial crisis. Materials available upon request.


Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 502.01) is a standard intermediate macroeconomics class. For the first part of the class, we review calculating inflation using both the Paasche and Laspeyres price indexes, cover exchange rates and GDP, and look at the Solow growth model. For the second part of the class, we cover the model of money demand, Keynesian and classical models of the short run, and dynamic AD/AS. The remainder of the course discusses optimal monetary policy, the recent housing crisis, the Phillips curve, and other special topics. Syllabus Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Midterm 3 (Final)

Current Economic Issues in the United States (ECON 367.02) is an inter-disciplinary writing class at OSU. I cover a hodgepodge of topics, including some selected papers about the economics of education, discrimination, crime, and current macro topics. I treated this class as a sophomore and junior-level seminar designed to improve students' reasoning and writing skills. Materials available upon request.