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UWG Nursing FacultyPamela Horvath, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor
Office #: 678-839-5628
Office: #293
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Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that I am a facilitator of learning. I encourage students to actively participate in their learning process. I encourage communication between faculty, fellow students, nurses, patients/clients, family members and healthcare team members. Students get out of class and clinical what they put in.

I believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to learn. In order to reach all students, different types of teaching must be utilized. Lecture, discussion and games are just a few of the types of teaching that can be put forth to reach students. I am still a new nurse educator and I am currently developing my own techniques for teaching.

I believe sharing case studies with students from my own professional and personal experiences. I assist them in analyzing their own experiences through post conference, reflective journaling and in class discussion. Being able to talk about past experiences and their outcomes, both positive and negative is an important aspect of learning. Students need to realize that not all outcomes are positive and learn how to deal with their feelings.

I believe it is important to keep a relaxed environment for learning, which includes appropriate use of humor throughout the teaching/learning process. When students feel at ease they are able to open up and discuss their thoughts and feelings. Being able to communicate one’s thoughts, needs, wants and goals is an important step on the journey to becoming a caring nurse.

I believe that the desire to be a nurse stems from an inner need to serve those in need through caring. Caring in the academic arena is accomplished by creating a learning environment where students’ choices related to cultural values, beliefs and lifestyles are respected. Caring involves integrating new knowledge through skill and compassion. Caring is being with and assisting the student with self actualization by collaboration between the facilitator and the student. This requires consideration of the student’s needs, priorities, preferences, available resources and services, shared accountability and mutual respect. Students must understand that in order to care for others you must first care for self.

I believe in shared responsibility. As a nurse educator I have the responsibility to be prepared for class and clinical. I must stay abreast of current trends that are reflected in evidence-based practice.  Students have the responsibility to be prepared for class and clinical which includes reading assigned material, practicing new skills in the lab and attending lecture.

I believe in mutual respect, honesty and integrity. Without these three items, you will not be a trusted team member. Trust is given by patients/clients, family members, nurses and other health care team members when they know you are trustworthy through their observations of your respect, honesty and integrity.

Courses Taught:


Masters of Science in Nursing Education- University of West Georgia
Bachelor of Science in Nursing- University of West Georgia
Associate of Science in Nursing- University of West Georgia

Areas of Expertise or Professional Interests:

Adult Health

Professional Memberships and Certifications:

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Pi Nu Chapter

Personal Interests:

Family, Boston terriers and ice skating

The most unique thing about our program is…

Classes that are taught by professors who truly believe in caring.

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