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Miscellaneous Resources

Anatomy / Physiology

Title: Adam
Description: is best known for its health encyclopedia and educational materials.

Title: Anatomy Site
Description: An extensive list of live links to more than you ever wanted to know about human anatomy.

Title: Auscultation Assistant
Description: This site is a source of online lung and heart sounds.

Title: Discovery Health's 3-D Anatomy Atlas
Description: This is an atlas of the human anatomy that allows the user to select the system and then investigate individual components.

Title: Heart Anatomy – Texas Heart Institute

Title: LUMEN – Learn ‘Em, The Loyola University Medical Education Networka

Title: Web Anatomy –University of Minnesota


Health Care Policy / Legislative

Title: Health Careers in Georgia
Description: This website is designed specifically for health professions students and health care professionals in the state of Georgia. Our site features information about financial aid, certification and licensure, employment, continuing education and professional organizations.

This site was created in partnership with the Health Care Workforce Policy Advisory Committee and the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network. The Policy Advisory Committee is appointed by the board of the Department of Community Health and is charged with monitoring the conditions of the health care workforce in Georgia.

Title: Health Hippo
Description: THE resource for health policy and regulatory information. Clear organization, fun metaphor, excellent content make this uniquely useful site a great source for folks needing policy and regulatory info.

Title: Public Health Grand Rounds
Description: The goal of Public Health Grand Rounds is to promote a leadership-level national dialogue on public health issues of strategic significance.

Title: The Florence Project
Description: An organization of nurses promoting health care as a human right, not a profit motivated industry. Listservs, forums, links, conference.

Title: Vote Smart Web- Issues, Health Care
Description: Outstanding site. Overviews of, and large number of internet links regarding, issues confronting US: Budget and Taxes, Campaign Finance Reform, Crime and Drugs, Education, Foreign Policy and Defense, Medicare and Social Security,Social Policy. Voting records for 105th congress, publications (some free), national and state candidate/office holder bios and issue information. Democracy in action!! AWESOME>:) >

Professional Orgs.

Title: Advanceweb
Description: Produced by King of Prussia, PA-based Merion Publications, Inc., this site offers plenty of interest and value even if you're not a subscriber to any of the company's 19 publications.

Title: All Nurses
Description: has active nursing discussions, nursing news, links and resources for every nursing specialty and much more.

Title: American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
Description: A small site providing information regarding the mission and activities of this professional organization.

Title: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Description: A professional organization dedicated to critical care nurses. Info on membership, education, publications, links.

Title: American Holistic Nurses Association

Title: The American Association for the History of Nursing

Title: The American Association for Spinal Cord Injury Nurses

Title: American Nurses Association
Description: The home page for this nursing professional organization.


Title: Food and Drug Administration
Description: Information about FDA actions regarding food and drug regulations and evaluations. Evaluations of foods, products, and related procedures. Sections on nutrition, packaging guidelines, import/export, pesticides, biotechnology, additives, allergies, consumer information and more.

Title: The Georgia Board of Nursing

Title: Healthfinder®
Description: Healthfinder® is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Title: Holistic Nurses Association

Title: International Council of Nurses
Description: The International Council of Nurses is a federation of national nurses’ associations (NNAs), representing nurses in 118 countries. Professional practice, regulation, and socio-economic welfare are the areas of focus for the organization. Continuing ed., books, nursing internet connections. Well done.

Title: The Center for Nurse Advocacy
Description: This group is active in policing and correcting the inaccurate, poor image of nursing in the media.

Title: The Midwest Nursing Research Society

Title: The Southern Nursing Research Society

Title: The National Council for State Boards of Nursing

Title: National League for Nursing
Description: This site provides information about education, research, journal, grants, and much more.

Title: The College of Nursing - Hong Kong
Description: This site provides education, advocacy, internation calendar of events, and library services.

Title: University of Iowa Health Care
Description: University of Iowa Health Care includes UI College of Medicine, UI Hospitals and Clinics, UI College of Public Health, UI Family Care Centers, more than 100 outreach programs, dozens of child health specialty clinics, and UI Telemedicine, home health care, and occupational medicine services.

Title: University of Iowa Library
Description: Ability to check for resources in the Hardin Health Sciences Library AND, more importantly, links to many internet resources both at the library and on the Web.Excellent and extensive. For links to nursing links (whew!) check this page

Title: University of Washington HealthLinks
Description: Searchable and sorted links resource from UW. Also features timely health related news articles and information connected to the University.

Title: Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing

Title: The Society for Urologic Nurses and Associates


Title: Medline Plus Health Drug Database

Title: Orphanet
Description: Orphanet has a database of rare diseases and orphan drugs. Allows searchs by disease, clinical laboratory, clinical trials, research program, outpatient clinic, support group, professional, or drug.

Description: is a medical and healthcare Web site created by Medical Economics Company Inc., publisher of healthcare magazines and directories including the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference), the source trusted by America's physicians for more than 50 years.

Title: Pharmacology Resources on the web

Title: New York Emergency RN – Pharmacology on the web resource list

Title: RxList Drug Database

Research Resources

Title: Current Controlled Trials
Description: This site is described as a major new database that aims to provide online access to as comprehensive a listing as possible of ongoing and completed controlled trials in all areas of healthcare

Title: Grants-The Foundation Center

Title: Grants-Funding Sources Resource List

Title: Images from the History of Medicine and Nursing

Title: Medical Conferences
Description: is the internet's largest and most interactive free access database of medical conferences with over 7000 upcoming events in over 90 countries listed and updated daily on-line.

Title: Medical Smart Search
Description: Multi-engine search service specific to medicine.

Title: Medical World Search
Description: A search site specifically built for medical professionals using a list of medical terms form the National Library of Medicine to search out and catalog medical sites. Very clear search instructions.

Title: MedLine Plus
Description: From the National Library of Medicine comes "resources containing information that will help you research your health questions." Includes MEDLINE, links to self-help groups, access to the NIH consumer health information, clearinghouses, health-related organizations, clinical trials.

Title: MedScout
Description: This site is huge and incredibly complete. An internet links resource of health-related sites, both for professionals and the general public. Links to sites re: employment, CME, government, hospitals, medical schools. A HUGE links resource.

Title: MEDWATCH: FDA Medical Products Reporting Program
Description: The latest from the FDA regarding drug, equipment and other medical products and disease-related problems. Changes in regulations, on-going updates on new FDA policies/findings. Problems can be reported online, if they meet guidelines of project.

Title: National Center for Biotechnology Information
Description: This is a National Institutes of Health gateway site, with links to medical database and other research services. PubMed, Entrez, and Blast. Many links to genetic research sites.

Title: The National Institutes of Health
Description: This is a National Institutes of Health gateway site, with links to medical database and other research services. PubMed, Entrez, and Blast. Many links to multiple national research sites.

Title: Nursing Institutes- Yahoo!
Description: List of nursing institutes, universities, and research organizations. Approximately 150 links.

Title: Nursing Sites on the World Wide Web: University of Buffalo
Description: Extensive, well organized site. Links include include short descriptions which greatly increases the usability of the site. Created by a nurse and two librarians. Excellent.

Title: Partners HealthCare System's PartnerWeb
Description: This comprehensive information resource is intended for use by those with an interest in our patient care, research, and education.

Student Nurse Sites

Title: Bo Graham's Home Page
Description: A list of internet links encompassing general and highly specialized medical web sites.

Title: Citing World Wide Web Pages, June 2001
Description: From the information services department at Georgia Southern University, this document describes the proper citation formats for MLA, APA, and others.

Description: A very helpful site set up for nurses and prospective nurses. Links resource based on various topics-- nursing schools, employment contacts, journals, list servs, clinical specialties, chat rooms, virtual bookstore.

Title: Dianne Brownson's Nursing Note
Description: An extremely large and thorough listing of internet resources related to nursing and medicine. Numerous catagories. Books available via Amazon.

Description: This site offers strategies for conducting electronic searches, information on the resources available to students, and the proper citation formats to use.

Title: Health Quest
Description: Lists useful medical information including: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and glossaries

Title: Health Resources
Description: An internet links resources with general and technical health sites listed.

Title: How to Write a Research Paper
Description: This is a presentation by a professor at Cal State Fullerton School of Nursing. Very well done and very helpful to students. You will see two screens, one with Powerpoint and one with streaming video. The presentation runs on Windows Media Player.

Title: Lippincott's Nursing Center
Description: Lippincott’s NursingCenter delivers electronic resources to nurses for education, research and practice. This site also provides access to nursing resources available from Lippincott-Raven Publishers. Links and forums, career information, publications, online continuing education, some nursing history info. Wide ranging site for the nursing professional.

Title: Martindale's Health Science Site
Description: This site offers interactive physical assessment with lung sounds and heart sounds available. You may need speakers on your system to access the sounds.

Title: Medscape

Title: NurseDegreeHunter
Nursing jobs for alumni with professional degrees from the top nursing schools. 

Title: NMAP
Description: The UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in Nursing, Midwifery, and the Allied Health

Description: Website for nursing students and nurses. Some articles, some information, some recruiting.

Title: Nursing Around the World
Description: This site provides links to various nursing websites around the world.

Title: NursingNet
Description: One long page of internet resources for the general public and for the nursing professional. "To help further the knowledge and understanding of Nursing for the public, provide a forum for medical professionals and students to obtain and disseminate information about Nursing and medically related subjects."

Title: Online Physical Examination
Description: A Univ. of Calif. Davis Medical School site worth viewing.

Title: Plagerism Tutorial
A student tutorial on "What is plagiarism?" that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Title: Resource Nurse
Description: This site has information about continuing education, a reference center, career center, planner, calendar of events, and more.

Title: Nursing Resources List
Description: An extensive list of sites for information on all aspects of medical and nursing interests.

Title: The Nursing Network
Description: This is a terrific general site, with resource listings including books, internet links and more. There are bulletin boards, scheduled chat, links to major nursing organizations and more. Very well done. A great "community feel".

Title: WholeNurse
Description: "2000 nursing links" under the heading "Nurses", "Articles" and "Diseases". Also chat, job search, and other connections.

Title: The EINet Galaxy Medicine Page
Description: Extensive list of articles, links, and images related to diseases, procedures, drugs, etc etc. Extensive is the operative word here.

Title: The UFlorida Nurse Writer
Description: Site offers help with writing skills specific for nurses


Title: Center for Information Technology
Description: Developed by the Center for Information Technology at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This site offers videocasting to share training and development events with healthcare professionals.

Title: Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Description: Links to internet resources for all medical professionals. Database of CME opportunities, news, drugs, internet resources. Patient education resources organized by disorder. Fairly expressive.

Title: Handheld Med. Com

Title: Health on the Net
Description: Large, extremely well done site including international connections with health organizations, a library, an incredible multimedia library with downloadable video clips of surgical procedures, listings of congresses and health events world-wide. A best-in-class health care resource exemplifying the possibilities created by new technologies.

Title: Internet Healthcare Coalition
Description: Internet Healthcare Coalition will strive for well-informed Internet healthcare consumers, professionals, educators, marketers, and both healthcare and mainstream media, as well as public policymakers with regard to the full range of uses of the Internet - current and potential - to deliver high-quality healthcare information and services.

Title: Internet Resources at Health Science Library- U. of Pittsburgh
Description: Internet guides, Health resources, and Mental health resources are the broad catagories covered by this site. Under each category, links to internet resources, schools, publications, patient information, email discussion groups, dedicated organizations, and more are listed. Good organization of a lot of resources.

Title: Medical

Title: NurseZone-Devices and Technology

Title: OMNI: Organizing Networked Medical Information
Description: Based in great Britain with a European/British slant, searchable/browsable internet health/medicine links resource.

Title: UGA’s Advanced Learning Technologies

Wellness / Consumer Sites

Title: Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation
Description: This site gives information such as health and wellness, nutritition, exercise, family and living, women's health, senior health, teen health, children's health, pharamacy topics, and healthy recipes.

Title: Bluestem - Health for Kansans
Description: Bluestem is a database of health related world wide web sites of particular interest to patients and consumers of health care.

Description: Huge searchable medical internet resources for consumers and professionals.

Title: IHP Net Health Resources
Description: IHP-NET is an Internet resource sharing among persons of all religious traditions, regarding the dynamic relationship between spirituality and health, especially its practical expression in the advancement of human wellness. Large list of internet links relating to health and practice issues. Sponsored by the Carter Foundation.

Title: Internet Health Sites
Description: Created by a woman whose health problems led her to research her concerns on the internet, IHS is a excellent and clearly organized site featuring Journals, databases, patient education, news groups, list servs, site evalution, women's sites, nursing sites.l


Title: Medline Plus Health Information

Title: New York Online Access to Health (NOAH)
Description: NOAH's mission statement best defines their goals, "NOAH seeks to provide high quality full-text health information for consumers that is accurate, timely, relevant and unbiased." This site is currently offered in both English and Spanish.

Title: QuackWatch
Description: "Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions" provides information regarding suspect sites on the Internet.

Title: Quick Links
Description: Healthcare consumer protection initiatives.

Online Journals

Title: Better Health Technologies
Description:E-newsletter on disease management.

Title: British Medical Journal Online
Description: Searchable database for several years

Title: Heart Center Online Newsletter
Description: This is a good source for patient information and some clinical information on cardiovascular health, new medication regimes, and some treatment information.

Title: The Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Title: Journal of Medical Internet Research
Description: The Journal of Medical Internet Research is the official journal of the Internet Healthcare Coalition.

Title: The Journal of Mobile Informatics

Title: Medsite ISI Journal Tracker
Description: Online tracker of journals with abstracts and tables of contents delivered via e-mail.

Title: NurseLinx
Description: is an educational website devoted to helping nurses stay current on nurse-related news. Each day, we aggregate the top nursing news from over 70 on-line medical sources, including JAMA, The New England Journal of Medicine, British Journal of Nursing, and Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Title: The Nursing Center Journals List

Title: The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics

Title: The Online Journal Resource List-Nursing

Title: The Qualitative Report

Title: Surgical Services Management Online

Title: The University of Minnesota Medical Student Palm Page


Title: Medical Diseases on the Web
Description: One long page with a huge list of links regarding surgery. Divided into organ system catagories. Very clear. Very long. Clinical and patient information.


Title: AIDSdotORG: Imunet
Description: Current news about all facets of AIDS including drugs, research, coping strategies. Discussions of drug regimens, living with AIDS, education re the spread of AIDS. Large, thorough site.

Title: immunet
Description: Large archive of links related to AIDs research and treatment as well as current content. Conference listing and bookstore. CME available.


Title: Bladder Cancer Web Café’


Title: The National Cancer Institute

Title: Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
Description: A large site, run by cardiologists, with a wide range of information and resources for the professional and the patient. Check out the Recommended Links area: extremely comprehensive.

Title: Cardiology Compass
Description: Internet resource directory focused on cardiology. Clinical, educational, statistical links. Links to email lists, Newsgroups, journals, professional organizations. Very straight forward. Created by a cardiology group practice.

Title: Chest Diseases-Pathological Case Studies

Title: Critical Care Nurse Snapshots
Description: Interactive nursing case studies

Title: The Heart
Description: The Heart is a comprehensive cardiology site with news updated daily (heartwire), multimedia debates and educational presentations, discussion forum, conference listings, indexed links, online textbooks, and multimedia libraries.


Title: Dermatalogic Image Database
U. of Iowa database


Title: Ethnomed-Multicultural Health Information




Title: Hepatitis          

Title: Hepatitis C






Title: Medical Case Studies

Title: Medscape

Title: All about Multiple Sclerosis


Title: Neurophysiology on the Web


Title: Organ system Pathology Database

Title: Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases-Karolinska Institutet


Title: European Parkinson’s Disease Association

Title: Primary Care Clinical Practice Guidelines




Title: Stroke-The Brain Attack Coalition

Title: Contemporary Surgery
Description: Search for articles, symposiums, and surgical links.

Title: Surgical Nursing Home Page
Description: A list of surgical nursing links, general medical links, general interest links, and the personal pages of the site owner.

Title: The Karolinska Institute's Surgery Page
Description: One long page with a huge list of links regarding surgery. Divided into organ system catagories. Very clear. Very long. Clinical and patient information.

Title: Online Atlas of Surgery        

Title: Surgical Video Archive  




Title: Vascular


Title: Wounds 1
Description: Wounds1 is an excellent source for consumers to learn about wound care through features such as "Wound Hero," "Real Life Recovery Stories," and "Wound Technology." Wounds1 now empowers tens of thousands of patients each month seeking health care information on wound conditions like diabetic foot ulcers, burns, scars and leg ulcers.




Miscellaneous Resources

Title: The Internet Anagram Server
Descritpion: You type in the word or phrase and the server will convert it to an anagram.

Title: Medical Mnemonics Database
Description: This is just a fun site for words and memory devices. 

Title: Pharma Lexicon
Description:The Pharma Lexicon search box gives free access to the world's largest online database of medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, and biotech abbreviations - over 70,000.


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