The University of West Georgia Observatory

ASTR 2313 / ASTR 2313L

Welcome Astronomy students!

The purpose of this webpage is to get information to astronomy students at the University of West Georgia about the availability of the West Georgia Observatory for class and lab observations.

Class observations are held for students enrolled in astronomy classes/labs and their guests.

A link to an interactive map of the UWG campus can be found here or in the links section of this page (on the right), listed as "UWG Campus Map". In the Buildings dropdown box, please select "Observatory".

If the sky is clear, there will be observations during the following times:

Spring 2017 Dates

7:30 PM Tuesday, January 24th ~ 21 student signouts
7:30 PM Monday, January 30th ~ 12 student signouts
7:30 PM Tuesday, January 31st Cancelled
8:00 PM Thursday, February 16th ~ 28 student signouts

7:30 PM Wednesday, March 8th ~ 25 student signouts
9:00 PM Wednesday, March 15th ~20 student signouts
9:00 PM Monday, April 10th ~ 50 student signouts
9:00 PM Wednesday, April 12th ~ 30 student signouts
11:00 PM Wednesday, April 12th ~20 student signouts
9:00 PM Thursday, April 13th ~ 12 student signouts
9:00 PM Tuesday, April 25th ~ 30 students signouts
11:00 PM Tuesday, April 25th ~ 15 Student signouts
9:00 PM Wednesday, April 26th ~ 15 student signouts
10:30 PM Monday, May 1st

Fall 2017 Dates

9:00 PM Wednesday, September 6th ~ 12 student signouts
9:00 PM Thursday, September 7th ~ 40 student signouts
9:00 PM Monday, September 18th ~ 17 student signouts

8:30 PM Monday, September 25th ~5 student signouts
8:30 PM Tuesday, September 26th ~20 student signouts
8:30 PM Wednesday, September 27th ~14 student signouts
8:30 PM Thursday, September 28th ~6 student signouts
7:30 PM Thursday, October 19th ~ 40 student signouts
8:00 PM Thursday, October 26th ~ 20 student signouts
7:00 PM Monday, November 13th ~ 30 student signouts
9:00 PM Tuesday, November 14th ~ 70 Student signouts

The forecasts are indicating unfavorable conditions for this evening (11/16).

The week of 11/27-12/1 will be the last week for observations. Please check this website for updates.

There are NO Observations scheduled during finals week!

If you have already completed the observation you may turn your Lab 1 sheet into Mr. Jenkins or your T.A. at anypoint before the end of the day on Friday, December 1st. Observation labs received after that date will not be accepted. There is not any extra credit or make-up allowed for Lab 1, and Lab 1 cannot be dropped.

Lab 1 will be graded and entered onto CourseDen during finals week.

Observations will be made outside the Observatory. Please wear warm clothing during the cooler months.Please note that parking is located in front of the running track. We ask that you park there and walk up the hill. Also, students who walk to the Observatory should go in groups instead of walking alone.

Please note that due to the fact that our Observatory Assistants are busy with their own work, there are NO Observations scheduled during finals week!

If it is cloudy, the observatory will not open and credit for an observation will not be given, even if an observation is scheduled. Students who protest this may face penalties. We make great efforts to ensure that all observations scheduled are during good weather conditions, however we are not perfect. Please use your judgment and the provided weather link to to determine if a given night is worth your time and gas.

Students attending these class observations must be present when the observation begins to receive credit.

Additional Requirements to Get Credit for an Observation: each student taking ASTR 2313 (lecture Class) or ASTR 2313L (lab class) must present at checkout his/her UWG ID card and write legibly on the sign out sheet the student's name as it apprears on the class roll, the name of the ASTR 2313 teacher, and the lab section number if the student is taking lab. Credit will NOT be given if this information is incorrect. Also note that Lab 1 MUST be turned in before the week of finals. Please see your course syllabus for complete details.

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