UWG Proposal Approval Form

IMPORTANT: Please contact Sheri Dave before completing this form.

Phone: (678) 839-5354

Email: sdave@westga.edu

Office Location: Row Hall West, Room #327

INSTRUCTIONS: The individual responsible for the scientific and technical direction of the project is considered the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI will be responsible for completing the form and submitting it to the Pre-Award Services Manager, Sheri Dave, no later than 5 business days prior to the Sponsor's deadline submission date. This form requires the signature of the PI, Co-PI, Consultant (if applicable), and the respective departmental Chair and Dean of the PI and Co-PI. After you have contacted Sheri Dave, complete the entire form (parts 1-4) and click the submit button. After the form is submitted, final instructions will be provided for signing and routing the form for required signatures.

Part 1: Personnel Data

Personnel Name(s):

Position on Project

% Effort Committed to Project



Distribution (%) of Indirect Costs Return Among PI and Co-PIs* (see explanation)

Fall %

Spring %

Summer %


Departmental Administrative Assistant:

       TOTAL:     100%

*5% of Indirect Costs that are recovered are reallocated to the PIs of the project. If there is more than one PI for this project, please indicate how much of this 5% will be distributed among all PIs.  The total Indirect Costs return for the PI and Co-PI’s should equal 100% (Ex: If there were two PIs and the 5% was being distributed equally, the % of Indirect Costs returned would be 50% for each PI – totaling 100%).