English 3300/History 3300: American Culture

"History, English, and the Making of American Studies"

Spring 2007, University of West Georgia

Tue/Thu 12:30pm-1:45pm

Pafford 105


Discussion Questions and Reading Responses

1) Increase Mather and Mary Rowlandson

        Questions (Patrick Erben)

      Student responses

2) Mary Rowlandson and Jill Lepore, In the Name of War

           Reading and discussion questions (Patrick Erben)

            Rowlandson and Lepore (Student Questions)

3) Jill Lepore, In the Name of War (Part II)

            Lepore, Part II, student questions

4) Records of History and Richards Slotkin, Regeneration through Violence

            Records of History (Patrick Erben)

            Richard Slotkin, Regeneration through Violence (student responses)

5) Mary Silliman's War

            Questions (Patrick Erben)

6) Linda Kerber, Women of the Republic

          Student Questions and Responses