Philosophy Program Faculty


Janet Donohoe, Professor of Philosophy
(Ph.D., Philosophy, Boston College)
Continental Philosophy; Phenomenology; History of Philosophy
TLC 2230 | (678) 839-4743
[email: jdonohoe "at"] | [web site]
[curriculum vitae]
Robert Lane, Professor of Philosophy
(Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Miami)
Ethics, especially Medical Ethics; American Philosophy and Pragmatism, especially Peirce
TLC 2247 | (678) 839-4745
[email: rlane "at"] | [web site]
[curriculum vitae]

Associate Professors

Mark Tietjen, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy Program Director
(Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University)
Kierkegaard; Philosophy of Religion; Virtue Ethics
TLC 2250 | (678) 839-6294
[email: mtietjen "at"] | [curriculum vitae]

Assistant Professors

Rosemary Kellison, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion
(Ph.D., Religion, Florida State University)
Comparative Religion; Islamic and Christian Ethics; Ethics of War
TLC 2245 | (678) 839-5514
[email: rkelliso "at"] | [curriculum vitae]
Walter Riker, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Tennessee)
Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Law; Modern Philosophy
TLC 2249 | (678) 839-5317
[email: wriker "at"] | [curriculum vitae]


John Garner
(Ph.D., Philosophy, Villanova University)
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
TLC 1113-C | 678-839-4886
[email: jgarner "at"] | [curriculum vitae]

Part-Time Instructors

Andrew Hookom
(M.A., Philosophy, Georgia State University)
Introduction to Philosophy
Pafford 304D | (678) 839-4154 (no voicemail)
[email: ahookom "at"]
[curriculum vitae]
Michael Yudanin
(M.A., Philosophy, University of Georgia)
Critical Thinking
Pafford 304D | (678) 839-4154 (no voicemail)
[email: srancher "at"]
[curriculum vitae]

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