Resources for Philosophy Faculty

Responsibilities and Professional Development

Job Description of Philosophy Program Director

Guidelines for Annual Evaluations of Faculty Members

Specifications for Rotating Directorship of the Philosophy Program

Effectiveness Evaluation

Program Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Core Classes

Learning Outcomes for Religion Minor

Assessment Documentation: 2012-2013

Assessment Documentation: 2011-2012

Assessment Documentation: 2010-2011

Assessment Plan: 2010-11

Assessment Documentation: 2009-2010

Annual Report: 2008-2009

Five-Year Program Review: Fall 2003 - Summer 2008

Annual Report: 2007-2008

Annual Report: 2006-2007

Annual Report: 2005-2006

Annual Report: 2004-2005

Annual Report: 2003-2004

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