Job Description of Philosophy Program Director


The Director of the Philosophy Program shall be responsible for the following:


A.     Serving as liaison to other campus offices and persons primarily including

1.       The Chair of the English and Philosophy Department

2.       The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

3.       The Associate Dean for Humanities

The director’s role as liaison should in no way inhibit the faculty from communicating directly with any of the above offices or persons should they desire to do so.


B.     Writing Annual Evaluations of the faculty members of the program.  For Criteria and format for these evaluations see Appendix A.


C.     Providing administrative support to faculty including

1.       Processing of curriculum changes and tracking them through university committees.

2.       Keeping track of majors through the spreadsheet and assigning them to advisors.

3.       Keeping track of Preview Day and Graduation sign ups to make sure Philosophy is represented at these events.

4.       Keeping track of library book purchase funds and deadlines.

5.       Scheduling courses for the succeeding semester.

6.       Providing “secretarial” support for any faculty search (placing the ads, keeping track of applicant files, etc.).


D.     Writing and providing justification for the annual budget proposal.


E.      Providing support to students including

1.       Serving as liaison or mediator in faculty/student disagreements about grades or policies.

2.       Serving as advisor to any student doing an internship or having select student status.




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