Physics and Engineering Club Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/14/03 Friday, 1:00 p.m.

Matt Herron - President
Justin Michael - Secretary
Dmitriy Plaks - Webmaster
Anthony Fields - Member
Heidi Lesser - Member
Dr. Keller - Professor
Jesse Lynch - Guest (under Secretary)

The 7th of March is the slotted SouthWire trip date. - Keller
There is a possible trip to the Tech Center - Keller
Also a desired trip to the Frito-Lay Cheetos facility as well - Keller
Dr. Keller wants us to have a contact list for higher-ups to facilitate ease of scheduling - Michael
SouthWire trip is scheduled, but it is not yet confirmed as of current date. Herron

Agenda - Herron
Observatory function is desired, needed to be scheduled in accordance with weather. (Possibly on Wednesday, February 19). Pizza and telescopes possible.
Publicity ads are put up in the Boyd and TLC buildings on campus for the Physics/Engineering club.
National Engineer's Week is holding a bridge building contest from 12-2 Friday the 21st.
We are posing the possible idea of having a Math/Physics-Engineering competition between clubs.
Society of Physics Students needs to be started and members need to join.