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About Phi Sigma Tau

National Founding

Phi Sigma Tau was originally founded in at Muhlenberg College in 1930 as Alpha Kappa Alpha, but in 1995 it was incorporated as Phi Sigma Tau. In 1958 the Society was admitted to full membership in the Association of College Honor Societies. To quote the offical Society manual:

Its essential purpose was and is to promote ties among philosophy departments in accredited institutions and students in philosophy nationally. Both on the local and national levels, Phi Sigma Tau considers its organization as instrumental: a means for developing and honoring academic excellence as well as philosophical interest. In addition to providing a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and interest in philosophy, the Society also promotes interest in philosophy among the general collegiate public.

Local Founding

The Georgia Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau was founded in the Spring of 2003, however, the chapter was not officially established until the Fall of 2004. The first two members inducted were Brian Larkin and Nicole Walker on September 24th, 2004.


Chapter membership is open to qualified graduate and undergraduate students, teachers of philosophy, and those who qualify as honorary chapter members. At the national level the Society has also established a Laureate Chapter (whose members are distinguished philosophers throughout the world), and a National Alumni Chapter (for graduated PST members who wish to continue their affiliation with the Society).

For more information about membership, and to find out about joining Phi Sigma Tau, please see our Membership page.


View the Phi Simga Tau key

From the Official Manual: "The Society's emblem is a pentagon with the letters Phi Sigma Tau at the center. Each of the angles contains a word representing one of the five streams of world thought: Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Hebrew, and Greek."


The goals of the Society are firmly expressed in it's motto: Philou'nton Sophi'an Time', which means "the honor of those who love wisdom" in Greek.


View the Phi Simga Tau Seal

From the Official manual: The seal of the Society is the reverse side of the Athenian silver tetradrachma (B.C. 480-400), which bears the owl, olive spray, and small crescent. The margin of the seal carries the legend, Phi Sigma Tau, 1930.


The Society publishes two items: it's Student-based Journal called Dialogue, and the PST Newsletter. Dialogue is published twice annually: in October and April while the PST Newsletter is published at least three times annually. All publications are sent, along with all other communications for the chapter, to the chapter advisor (Dr. Robert Lane) for distribution to all chapter members.