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             Daniel grew up in Pittsburgh in a small Polish community, whose center was the local Catholic Church. Despite intensely pious beginnings, he has always been fascinated with science and given to optimistic engagement with the secularized world. He entered the seminary, completed a B.A. in philosophy at St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA, and an S.T.B. and S.T.L. in Catholic doctrine at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. During his Roman years he lived at the Scots College, spoke Italian on the streets, and passed oral exams in Latin. He served as assistant pastor; and then, making a first self-responsible choice that started the dominos falling, he began a life's pilgrimage that led him to resign from the priesthood and eventually join, leave, and rejoin the faculty at the State University of West Georgia. Along the way he completed a Ph.D. in systematic theology at Boston College and Andover Newton Theological School, an M.A. in personality psychology at Boston University, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. His theology dissertation dealt with the mystical Christian belief that "we are one in Christ," and his psychology dissertation, with the spiritual implications of the "crisis" of meaning and value in midlife.

             In addition, he is certified as a Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He was assistant professor for systematic theology and spirituality at Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas, and has published The Same Jesus: A Contemporary Christology, Spiritual Development: An Interdisciplinary Study; The Human Core of Spirituality: Mind as Psyche and Spirit, and Religion and the Human Sciences: An Approach via Spirituality, as well as numerous popular and technical articles. His best-seller, What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality, was republished in an up-dated edition. At Boston College he was teaching assistant to the Jesuit philosopher, theologian, methodologist Bernard Lonergan, whom Time magazine called the Thomas Aquinas of the 20th Century and whose thought influences all of Daniel's thinking. His specialization is spirituality as a psychological phenomenon and its role of spirituality in a global society. He teaches and writes about spirituality, interdisciplinary method, human development, ethics, and sexuality.

             He enjoys playing piano, singing, dancing, swimming, walking, and lifting weights as well as concerts, theater, movies, fairs, cities, crowds, and almost anything new.

Influential Works

Rockets, Missiles, and Space Travel (Willie Ley)
Liturgical Spirituality (Brasco)
Insight: A Study of Human Understanding, Method in Theology, and Grace and Freedom
   (Bernard Lonergan)
Beyond God the Father (Mary Daly)
Motivation and Personality (Abraham Maslow)
On Becoming a Person (Carl Rogers)
Cutting through Spiritual Materialism (Chogyam Trungpa)
The Chalice and the Blade (Riane Eisler)
The Battle for God (Karen Armstrong)



Daniel Helminiak, Ph. D., Ph. D.


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E-mail:  dhelmini@westga.edu
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