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The Humanistic Orientation at West Georgia
by Mike Arons , 1978

A Brief History

In 1967, Abraham Maslow received a call from the psychology department at West Georgia.  One of the department's faculty, Jim Thomas, had been reading Rogers, Maslow, and Combs.  Through them, he saw an approach to psychology that embodied his dream - a psychology education that spoke to students' lives.   His persuasion won over his colleagues, and they asked Maslow to suggest a new department chair that could initiate a humanistic emphasis.  They really had no idea what they were in for - they simply understood the need to make the teaching of psychology relevant to real life experience.  Maslow nominated Mike Arons, who thought it up and made it happen . . .

Archives & Articles

Featuring two e-books, by Jim Klee and Mike Arons , as well as pieces from alumni and former professors that illustrate the climate of the program's early years.


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