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General Information on the
West Georgia Psychology Department


Department Orientation
The Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia is unique in that our theoretical roots are in humanistic and transpersonal psychology.   Our courses range from classically humanistic concerns - like the centrality of human subjective experience in psychology, holistic approaches to psychological understanding, human growth and development, and the enhancement of human potential - to contemporary attention to transpersonal and spiritual horizons.  Themes such as the meaning of genuine community, sociality, understanding oneself and others, and the myriad ways through which we grow and develop are central to our academic learning environment.  Click here for more information on the Humanistic/Transpersonal orientation of our program.


Comments from Alumni
*  "I enjoyed the Psychology Department because we did not just learn stuff straight out of a book.  The papers and activities that were assigned in my classes helped me discover more about how I see myself and the person I am deep inside."
*  "I think West Georgia's psychology department is great because it is humanistic.  I have been taught things that I know other schools would simply ignore."
*  "The Psychology Department has taught me two significant things: how to understand and improve myself, and that there is a spiritual side to psychology, that it is not just a dry science."
*  "You cannot begin to enter someone else's world until you have seen your own.  The things I learned here have helped me to constantly evolve as a person."
*  "What stood out the most to me was the constant discussion of our chances to experiment with helping humanity every time we turn around."
*  "The professors here have encouraged me to find my passion, my calling, and greatly supported my ideas and my goals.  I have greatly benefited from the nurturing relationships that are fostered here."


Implementation of the Humanistic/Transpersonal Orientation

Mission Statement

Annual Report 2001-02

Program Review Self-Study, May 2001


For more information
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About the University
University of West Georgia is a bustling campus of more than 10,000 students, located in Carrollton, Georgia, about 50 miles west of Atlanta.  A unit of the University System of Georgia, it is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award degrees of associate, bachelor, master, and educational specialist.