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Announcing the Old Saybrook 2 Conference!

Old Saybrook 2 is the time and place to creatively explore our past and future:

A provocation of thought. A rendering of heart. A stretch of imagination.
A touch of art. A bit of nostalgia. An expansion of consciousness.
A new notch in history.

Old Saybrook 2 is a twice a century event. Over 100 of the most
recognized leaders--those who have helped fulfill and expand
the vision of the original Old Saybrook--have been invited to
participate in Old Saybrook 2.

Join us!



OLD SAYBROOK 2 at West Georgia takes up the historical task of the original Old Saybrook Conference held in Connecticut in 1964. There, then, symbolically or formally, a humanistic psychology (incorporating the existential, phenomenological-qualitative research; paralleling the "postmodern" and seeding the transpersonal) took off into what Abraham Maslow called a "revolution". Joining Maslow among the pioneers at Old Saybrook 1 were Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Henry Murray, Charlotte Buhler, George Kelly, Clark Moustakas, Miles Vich, Roman Tratch, Jim Bugental, Gordon Allport.


The West Georgia OS2 conference is about the FUTURE. Its design is expressly set to activate a FULL PARTICIPATION dialog at a Humanistic "family reunion"; this future dialog fostered by an "OPEN SPACE MARKETPLACE" design. OS2 is a COME PREPARED TO MAKE YOUR VOICE AND THOUGHTS HEARD affair, a BRING WITH YOU A "PIECE OF THE FUTURE" WHICH POSES AN OBSTACLE/OPPORTUNITY.


Youthful voices will join those of currently recognized humanistic psychology leaders and all other stakeholders in direct open dialog about the future of the orientation: Where does it go philosophically, globally, educationally and professionally: relative, e.g., to transpersonal, "postmodern" and "positive" psychologies? And how prospectively does the humanistic play into the rapidly transforming clinical practice scene? With its HMO's, Credentialing, Template's and Drug Prescription privileges. But, also, what might be the architecture for a brand new Humanistic vocation centered less on the medical model, more on one fostering the enrichment of life and the culture. And the education and training for this? And, also, what of the issues of values and ethics? In all this, what is the place of qualitative or human science research? And how might all that evolves from OS2 organize itself in light of current and future realities and possibilities?


OS2 is NOT a typical paper reading conference. It is not necessary to send an abstract. Rather, apart from the single keynote address by John Rowan, position papers should go on-line;* with the intent to open, or bear in on, key themes: to advance or deepen the vision process; offer contextual and background perspective and/or in any other way spark or inform pre conference dialog. On-site presentations will be brief -- 5-7 minutes -- volunteered appropriately on-the-spot, and designed to set the tone for the on-site dialog and theme development. The proceedings will incorporate parts or wholes of on-line papers, selected strings of discussion, and snippet glimpses of the emerging vision: planned to be printed and distributed by conference' end. Post conference theme development will continue on-line.


Email communication:

Historical (OS1)/Position Papers (OS2), Pre-conference Discussion: http/


OS2 is being directly sponsored by the State University of West Georgia and co-sponsored by a number of humanistically oriented organizations. Co-sponsors include:

Old Saybrook 2 Planning Committees

Steering Committee:

On-site Committee Chair: Eric Dodson

National Planning Group:

On site planning committee:

On-site volunteers:

Coordinator of Open Space Market Format: John Adams

* Send "position papers" by email to Art Warmoth as both "attachment" and "cut and paste". Selected on-line "position papers" or on-site "micro-papers" may be published with author's consent in a future proceedings.
For information pertaining to the West Georgia Psychology Alumni Reunion events scheduled for the weekend of May 13-14, please click here.

This just in...CEUs for Georgia LPCs have been approved for the Old Saybrook 2 Conference and Jim Klee Forum...