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Anne C. Richards, Ed. D.

Anne was born in 1943 in the Boonton, New Jersey area. She earned a B.A. degree in psychology from Brandeis University in 1965, a Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) degree from the University of Chicago in 1966, and an Ed.D. in Psychological Foundations of Education from the University of Florida in 1971.

In the course of her academic work, Anne has had the good fortune to study with such contributors to the development of humanistic psychology as Arthur W. Combs, Franz Epting, Sidney Jourard, James B. Klee, Ted Landsman, and Abraham Maslow. For the past twenty years she has been teaching at West Georgia College where she is currently a professor of psychology. She has primarily taught courses in Personal Relationships and in Growth and Development, along with a required seminar designed to be a culminating experience in the undergraduate program for students majoring in psychology.

Anne has a  broad range of publications, which include such topics as "Humanistic Perspectives on Adequate and Artificial Research," "Marriage Vows to Grow On," "Goals of Educational Psychology in Teacher Psychology," "Evaluation In a Humanistic Classroom," "Overcoming Jealousy," and "The Primary Goals of Helping: Some Contributions of Abraham H. Maslow."

She and her husband , Fred Richards, worked with Arthur W. Combs on the revision of Perceptual Psychology: A Humanistic Approach to the Study of Persons. This book describes a theory for understanding persons that highlights the relationship between an individual's experience and his or her behavior. She and Tiparat Schumrum have recently completed a book entitled Invitations to Dialogue: The Legacy of Sidney M. Jourard. Anne is also Trustee of the FIELD PSYCH TRUST, honoring the professional life and contributions of Arthur W. Combs.

Influential Works
The Process of Education (Jerome Bruner)
Humanistic Psychology and the Research Tradition (Irvin Child)
Individual Behavior (Arthur Combs & Donald Snygg)
Frame Analysis: An Essay on the Organization of Experience (Erving Goffman)
Encounters with the Self (Don Hamacheck)
Radical Man (Charles Hampden-Turner)
Language in Thought and Action (S. I. Hayakawa)
Intelligence and Experience (J. McVicker Hunt)
Black Psychology (Reginald Jones)
An Application of Psychoanalysis to Education (Richard Jones)
The Transparent Self (Sidney Jourard)
A Theory of Personality (George Kelly)
Elements of Psychology (David Krech & Richard Crutchfield)
Motivation and Personality (Abraham Maslow)
Artifact in Behavioral Research (Robert Rosenthal & Ralph Rosnow)