English 1102
Assignment for Essay 4
Due April 3.  Send as a Word document e-mail attachment to rhendric@westga.edu
Please note new due date.

Directions:  Select any essay we have read from any chapter in the Roberts text and write an essay of you own responding to the first writer's interpretation of the literary work.  The new element in this essay is that you are integrating the argument of another writer into an interpretation of your own.  You may respond to the thesis (central idea) of the original writer or to a subpoint within the original paper.  Your essay may be an extension of the original writer's argument; that is, you might essentially agree with the interpretation presented but present additional evidence from the literary work to carry the argument further or to lead it in a new direction.  On the other hand, your essay may present a counter interpretation, an argument against the point made by the original writer, based on a new view of the evidence presented by the writer and/or additional evidence selected from the literary work.

Other elements/requirements remain the same for this paper.  And you may decide to use any or a combination of the approaches we have studied:  a study of character, setting, plot, theme, etc.

Do not be vague about presenting the ideas of the original writer.  Identify that writer by name and the essay by title in your work and present the issues you wish to extend or counter wholly, clearly, and coherently.  Cite the ideas of the original writer using MLA documentation (unit 6 in your handbook), just as you cite the literary work.

Your essay should be 1,000 words in length, typed, double spaced, in MLA format.  Refer to the grading criteria on the online syllabus.