English 2300
Assignment for second paper.
Due October 27 beginning of class.

Directions:   Choose one of the following as the topic for your essay.  Your paper should be approximately 4 pages (typed, double-spaced) in length.  Do not exceed 5 pages in any event.

1.  Combine the kind of close analysis used in a formalist approach with one of the following approaches to write an interpretation of "The Story of an Hour":  reader-response (restricted to reception theory or an analysis that identifies the characteristics of Chopin's implied reader), psychoanalytic (any model, but make clear which), feminist.

2. Use one approach or a coherent combination of approaches we have studied (not a smorgasbord) to respond to one of the student essays used for illustration in Bressler chapters 4-7.  Begin by providing a brief summary of the student's interpretation of the work he or she is writing about, identify a point or multiple points that you would modify or counter, then make your case through your own interpretation of the literary work.

Assessment: Refer to the Grading Criteria on your syllabus.