ENGL 3300
First Short Paper Assignment
3-4 types pages
Due September 17

Directions:  Compare Everett's "oration" with Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg.  Consider the interpretation of the War revealed in each and how the structure and content of each speech reveals the speakers interpretation. 

<>Thesis:  After a brief introduction that shows your knowledge of the content of both speeches and the occasion, narrow your focus to a specific and manageable point you want to make in your comparison.  Do not try to cover all elements of both speeches in detail (at least not Everett's).  Make a sustained argument in your paper that you can support.

  Development:  Support your points with adequate and appropriate references to the texts of both speeches.  Avoid long quotations that take up space that should be given to your own discussion.  When you do paraphrase or quote from the texts, cite the passage by giving the paragraph number in parenthesis.