ENGL 3300
Second Paper Assignment
3-4 types pages
Due October 3

Directions:  Choose one of the following topics and write a focused, detailed response in three to four typed pages.

1.  Choose one of the central characters from The Killer Angels, trace the development of the character over the course of the novel, and explain the function of the character in the novel.  That is, in relation to other characters and the events of the novel, what part does the character play in revealing the
Shaara's overall vision?

2.  In "Cultural Locations:  Positioning American Studies in the Great Debate," one of the essays we studied earlier in the semester to intoduce ourselves to the history and major conceptual assumptions of the American Studies Movement, Alice Kessler-Harris writes that the attacks on multiculturalism during the 1980s and early 90s  sprang from a concern "not for rights but for community."  In some ways, the political history of America might be seen as a conflict between these two values.  To what extent is the conflict between rights and community a theme of Shaara's The Killer Angels.  And how has he handled the conflict?  Are the lines of conflict clearly drawn between north and south, or are they blurred?

3.  You can roll your own topic for a paper on The Killer Angels by identifying an important question the novel raises and then attempts to answer--aesthetically, historically, or politcally--and using that question as the basis for your own critique of the novel.  You should discuss your topic with me well in advance.


Note: A passing grade on any assignment first assumes competence in the mechanics of standard written English. 

C         To earn a “C,” a student must


B         To earn a “B,” a student must meet the minimum requirements for a “C” essay plus


A         To earn an “A,” a student must meet the minimum requirements for a “B” essay plus:

·        Provide a sophisticated thesis that demonstrates independent thinking.

·        Support all claims/ideas with appropriate, fully analyzed examples and compelling, insightful arguments.

·        Show persuasive logical development and organization throughout.

·        Maintain a distinctive voice and consistent viewpoint that incorporates interesting and varied style.

·        Provide secondary sources, where applicable, that demonstrate independent research in the field.

·        Enter into meaningful dialogue with secondary sources, such that the student is not just proving someone else’s point but developing original ideas in relation to research material.  


D         A “D” grade results from

·        Failing to respond clearly to the assignment, or

·        A lack of qualities listed under the minimum requirements for a “C,” or

·        Insufficient control of standard written English, resulting in substantial errors that cause confusion or incoherence.


F          An “F” grade results from

·        Two or more of the faults listed in “D” above.