English 2130-25H
Dr. Randy Hendricks
Assignment for Second Analytical Paper

Due: March 5
Manuscript Requirements:  Three typed, double-spaced pages.  Use parenthetical citation of page numbers in the text.  No secondary sources should be cited.

Directions:  Choose one of the passages from The Scarlet Letter, "Self Reliance," or Walden listed below and write a close analysis of the passage according to the directions following the list.

1.  Chapter 12, "The Minister's Vigil" from The Scarlet Letter, from the point at which Hester and Pearl join Dimmesdale on the scaffold to the end of the chapter
2.  Chapter 10, "The Leech and His Patient," from The Scarlet Letter, the final six paragraphs of the chapter
3.  Chapter 8, "The Elf-Child and the Minister," from The Scarlet Letter, from the point where Governor Bellingham indicates he intends to take Pearl from Hester to the point where Hester appeals to Dimmesdale for aid.
4.  The "Whoso would be a man . . ." paragraph from "Self-Reliance," pp. 552-3.
5.  The "Society never advances" and "The civilized man has built a coach" paragraphs from "Self-Reliance, pp. 565.
6.  The third and fourth paragraphs from Walden, p. 869.
7.  The paragraph that begins "In the savage state every family owns a shelter" from Walden, pp. 883.

Or write a detailed interpretive analysis of any poem by Dickinson you wish.

Your analysis must include:
a. A brief introduction that puts the selected passage in a context and summarizes it.  This  will serve as a lead-in to the thesis statement (your major claim in your interpretation of the passage/poem).
b. An explication of the passage/poem that shows what language is key to interpreting its significance
c. A textual interpretation:  How does the passage relate to the work as a whole (or to other poems by Dickinson)?
Your analysis may include:
d. Inter-textual interpretation:  What links can be drawn to history, culture, or other literature?

See the Criteria for evaluation attached to your syllabus.

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