English 4188
Final Exam Preview

You should be able to deal with any of the following.  Expect to write two essays (1 hour for each), and you will have to deal substantially with one book we have read since midterm.

1.  List and illustrate at least three important things you’ve learned this semester for reading and comprehending Faulkner’s work.

2.  Discuss specific examples of the following techniques in Faulkner’s work: tall-tale humor, tableau imagery, use of multiple narrators, town-spokesman narrators, stream-of-consciousness narrative.

3.  Discuss the significance of one of the following themes in Faulkner’s work:  the continuing past, Snopesism, the wilderness, warrior women, sex goddesses, the pull of individualism against social constraints, the relation of identity to place.

4.  Discuss Bayard Sartoris (The Unvanquished) and Ike McCaslin (Go Down, Moses) as versions of the young Southern white male struggling with a regional heritage fostered upon him.  How do their fates compare with another version of the same theme demonstrated through Quentin Compson?

5.  Discuss the role of V. K. Ratliff in the Snopes triology.

6.  Write your strongest interpretation of one of Faulkner’s short stories—either from Collected Stories, The Unvanquished, or Go Down, Moses.  Be able to discuss the story in relation to the canon of Faulkner’s work.

7.  Discuss ways in which Faulkner’s accomplishment is significant in the context of modern and/or American literature.