English 2130-02
Dr. Randy Hendricks
Assignment for First Analytical Paper

Due:  February 4.  Beginning of class.
Manuscript Requirements:  Three typed, double-spaced pages.  Use parenthetical citation of page numbers in the text.  No secondary sources should be cited.

Directions:  Choose one of the passages from Franklin’s Autobiography listed below and write a close analysis of the passage according to the directions following the list.  An example of a similar exercise is included.

1. Franklin’s description of his first entry into Philadelphia
2. Franklin’s description of his conversion to Deism.
3. Franklin’s description of his scheme of moral perfection

Your analysis must include:

a. A brief introduction that puts the selected passage in a context and summarizes it.  This  will serve as a lead-in to the thesis statement (your major claim in your interpretation of the passage).
b. An explication of the passage that shows what language is key to interpreting its significance
c. A textual interpretation:  How does the passage relate to the work as a whole?
Your analysis may include
d. An inter-textual interpretation:  What links can be drawn to history, culture, or other literature?

Your essay will be evaluated by the criteria outlined at the end of the course syllabus.

 Sample Essay