Selected Poems

Below is a list of poems you are required to read from each of the volumes included in Selected Poems of Robert Penn Warren.  Please recognize that some of the poems are numbered and/or titled sequences under the main title ("Kentucky Mountain Farm," for example).  Make sure you prepare for class by reading the entire sequence.

Thirty-Six Poems
The Return:  An Elegy
Kentucky Mountain Farm
Pondy Woods
Letter from a Coward to a Hero
The Garden
To a Face in the Crowd

Eleven Poems on the Same Theme
Bearded Oaks
Picnic Remembered
Original Sin:  A Short Story

Selected Poems 1923-1943
The Ballad of Billie Potts (a long narrative poem)

all the poems in the volume

You, Emperors, and Others

Tale of Time
Tale of Time
Homage to Emerson

Island of Summer

Or Else
I Am Dreaming of a White Christmas
Rattlesnake Country

Can I See Arturus from Where I Stand?
Evening Hawk
Old Nigger on One-Mule Cart Encountered Late at Night When Driving Home from Party in the Back Country

Now and Then
American Portrait:  Old Style
Red-Tail Hawk and Pyre of Youth
Heart of Autumn

Being Here
Grackles, Goodbye
Youthful Truthseeker, Half-Naked, at Night, Running don Beach South of San Francisco
Snowshoeing Back to Camp in Gloaming

Rumor Verified
Going West
Rumor Verified

Altitudes and Extensions
Three Darknesses
Mortal Limit
Immortality over the Dakotas
Last Meeting