English 4180/5180
Southern Literature
Assignment for Essay 1
Due:  Friday, September 18, 5:00 pm.

The topics below define parameters within which you are expected to shape your own argument.  Select one.  Be sure to restrict the scope of your paper suitably for the assigned length (3-4 typed, double-spaced pages [probably leaning toward 4]).  Unify the paper with a clear thesis and support your claims with thorough discussion of evidence from the text(s).

<>1.. Using selected elements of the content of the novel to support your argument, take a position on the literary and/or historical value of Gone with the Wind.  Does the novel merit our serious attention, or is it itself a part of history that should be “gone”?
2.  You may "roll your own" topic by identifying an important question related to one of texts studied early in the semester and providing a convincing answer to the question (or at least a darn good response pointing out the subtleties involved)  for your readers based on a close analysis of the text.  I encourage you, however, to discuss your topic with me in advance.
3.  Write your own interpretation of Walker's "Everyday Use" by responding to an argument made by one of the essayists we studied:  Davis, Baker and Baker, or Showalter.