Building Manager and Coordinator Program

The building manager and coordinator program is used to facilitate communication between building occupants and appropriate campus support units such as Public Safety , Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety(RM/EHS), and Facilities & Grounds .

The program provides a forum for discussion and resolution of occupancy issues.  The program also strives to educate building users with regard to building systems and operations, and responsible stewardship of campus facilities.

The Building Manager

Each building has one building manager.  With input from the building occupants, the building manager has authority on building-related policies and issues such as smoking, security, emergency procedures, etc.

The Building Manager List

The Building Coordinator

Each building has at least one building coordinator.  The building coordinators are responsible for relaying/posting priority communications regarding building information for both the building occupants and with appropriate campus support units such as Public Safety, RM/EHS, and Facilities & Grounds.

The Building Coordinator List

Building Managers and Coordinator Program

To help facilitate this program the following resources are provided to building managers and coordinators as well as others designated with safety- related responsibilities.

Building Manager/Coordinator Program Document

Work Information Center (Work Orders)

Public Safety Emergency Procedures

Public Safety Policies and Procedures

Safety Loss Control Manual