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PHIL 2030 | Spring 2016

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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes corresponding to each day's class will usually be available within two hours after class.

Optional Course Supplement: Abortion and the Bible

February 4: Abortion and the Bible; Genuine Inquiry vs. Pseduo-Inquiry

February 2: Moral-Cultural Relativism: Rachels' third arguments against MCR; two lessons of MCR; Divine Command Theory

January 28: Moral-Cultural Relativism: 5 claims that make up MCR; Rachels' first two arguments against MCR

January 26: Moral-Cultural Relativism; polygamy in the FLDS; Ayn Hirsi Ali and attitudes toward women and rape

January 21: The (Limited) Cultural Differences Argument (continued); the Provability Argument

January 19: Basic Logical Concepts; Baby Theresa Revisted; the (Limited) Cultural Differences Argument

January 14: Introduction to the Course: Arguments about the Baby Theresa Case; Moral Reasoning; the Minimum Conception of Morality

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