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PHIL 4120 | Fall 2010
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Lecture Notes

December 1: Sexual Harassment

November 29: Affirmative Action and Preferential Hiring

November 22: Privacy

November 19: Right to Work 2: Employment-at-Will vs. Due Process

November 17: Right to Work 1

November 15: Corporate Social Responsibility 3: Stakeholder Theory

November 12: Corporate Social Responsibility 3: Against Property Defences of the Classical Model; Bowie's Neo-Classical Model

November 10: Corporate Social Responsibility 2: Against Utilitarian Defences of the Classical Model

November 8: Corporate Social Responsibility 1: Walmart; Utilitarian and Rights-Based Defenses of the Classical Model

November 5: Introduction to Business Ethics

October 13 [partial]: Stem Cells and Cloning 2

October 11 [partial]: Stem Cells and Cloning 1

No lecture notes will be provided for most of the classes covering medical ethics (September 22 through November 1).

September 13: Criminal Defense: Freedman 3

September 10: Criminal Defense: Freedman 2

September 8: Criminal Defense: Freedman 1

September 3: Role-Defined Morality: Wasserstrom 4

September 1: Role-Defined Morality: Wasserstrom 3

August 30: Role-Defined Morality: Wasserstrom 2

August 27: Role-Defined Morality: Wasserstrom 1

August 25: Introduction to Legal Ethics: Milde on Three Theories of Law

August 23: Introduction to Legal Ethics: Milde on Virtue Ethics

August 20: Introduction to Legal Ethics: Milde on Consequentialism

August 18: Introduction to Legal Ethics: Milde on Deontology

August 16: Introduction to Legal Ethics: Three Normative Ethical Theories

August 13: Introduction to Professional Ethics

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