Symbolic Logic
Robert Lane, Ph.D.
PHIL 4160 | Spring 2014

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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes corresponding to each day's class will be posted after 2pm.

Thursday April 10: Relational Predicate Logic: More Symbolization; Proofs

Tuesday April 8: Relational Predicate Logic: Symbolization

Thursday April 3: Predicate Logic Proofs: Quantifier Negation

Tuesday April 1: Predicate Logic Proofs

Thursday March 27: Predicate Logic Symbolization2 [PowerPoint on the Square of Opposition]

Tuesday March 25: Predicate Logic Symbolization

Tuesday March 4: Proofs 4: Indirect Proof

Tuesday February 25: Proofs 3: Conditional Proof

Thursday February 20: Proofs 2: Equivalence Rules

Tuesday February 18: no new lecture notes; we covered proofs utilizing the first eight (implicational) rules.

Thursday February 13: Proofs 1: Implicational Rules

Tuesday February 11: Tautologies, Contradictions and Contingent Sentences

Tuesday February 4: Sentence Forms and Substitution Instances

Thursday January 23: Determining the Truth Value of Compound Sentences

Tuesday January 21: Symbolizing 3: Material Implication (conditionals), Material Equivalence (biconditionals)

Thursday January 16: Symbolizing 2: Negation, Disjunction

Tuesday January 14: Symbolizing 1: Conjunction

Thursday January 9: Introduction: Arguments 2

Tuesday January 7: Introduction: Arguments 1

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