ENGL2120-01 Readings and Assignments Schedule

Fall 2012

Note: All entries with * can be found in the Norton Anthology of English Literature (NAEL); be sure to read each of the introductory sections for crucial information about the author (and text, if applicable).


M Aug 20   Introduction to course. Larkin poems: (NAEL pp. 2710-2716; or click here for the readings.)

W Aug 22  Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber: read the first story, "The Bloody Chamber" (pp. 7-41).

M Aug 27  The Bloody Chamber: read pp. 41-125. (Click here for the discussion points.)

W Aug 29  Memorization quiz: First 22 lines of Eliot's “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”*

                   (NAEL pp. 2607-2613; or click here for the readings.)

M Sep 3     No class; Labor Day.

W Sep 5     Conrad's Heart of Darkness* (NAEL pp. 2326-2386; or click here for the readings.)

M Sep 10   Heart of Darkness*

W Sep 12   Woolf's A Room of One’s Own* (NAEL pp. 2423-2424 & 2435-2494; or click here for the readings.)

M Sep 17   Memorization quiz: Hopkin's “Pied Beauty”* (NAEL pp. 2158-2160 & 2162-2163; or click here for the readings.)

W Sep 19   Browning's “My Last Duchess”* (NAEL pp. 2058-2059); Tennyson's “Ulysses”* (NAEL pp. 1962-1964);

                    Arnold's “Dover Beach”* (NAEL pp. 2105-2106) ; Rossetti's “Goblin Market”* (NAEL pp. 2142-2143)

                    (Or click here for the readings.)

M Sep 24   Wordsworth's “Tintern Abbey”* (NAEL pp. 1491- 1495; or click here for the readings.)

W Sep 26   Keat's “Ode to a Nightingale”* (NAEL pp. 1845-1847); Shelley's “Ozymandias”* (NAEL pp. 1741)

                    (Or click here for the readings.)

M Oct 1     Memorization quiz: Blake's “The Tyger”* (NAEL pp. 1420-1421); “The Lamb”* (NAEL pp. 1412-1413)

                    (Or click here for the readings.)

W Oct 3     Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman* (introduction plus chapters 2 & 4; NAEL pp. 1456-1484;

                     or click here for the readings.)

M Oct 8     Pope's Essay on Man*: Epistle 1 and first 18 lines of Epistle 2 (NAEL pp. 1155, 1156-1162); research paper

                    assigned: click here for details; prep. for midterm

W Oct 10   Midterm Exam

F Oct 12    Last day to withdraw with grade of W

M Oct 15   Milton's Paradise Lost*: intro on pp. 723-734; Book 1: “The Argument” and lines 1-125* (pp. 725-729);

                    quick summary; notes on Milton's Epic

W Oct 17   Paradise Lost, Book 1: lines 249-263 (p. 731); Book 9: lines 659-732 (pp. 825-826)

M Oct 22   Paradise Lost, Book 9: lines 733-852 (pp. 826-829)
W Oct 24    Lanyer's “Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women”*

M Oct 29   Research paper workshop: bring a completed draft of your paper, or you will be excused and counted absent.

W Oct 31   Research paper due.

M Nov 5    Memorization quiz: Donne's “Holy Sonnet 10* (NAEL pp. 600-602 & 623): notes on metaphysical poetry

W Nov 7    Shakespeare's Twelfth Night* (NAEL pp. 493-496 & 510-572); quick summary; notes on the play

M Nov 12   Memorization quiz: “Sonnet 18”* (NAEL p. 499); cont. Twelfth Night*

W Nov 14   Twelfth Night* cont.

M Nov 19   No class; Thanksgiving Break

W Nov 21   No class; Thanksgiving Break

M Nov 26   Sir Gawain and the Green Knight* (NAEL pp. 112-114 & 114-165): notes on SGGK

W Nov 28   Last day of class; Beowulf* (NAEL pp. 28-30 & 31-97): notes on Beowulf

M Dec 03    Final exam, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in regular room

F Dec 07     Revision of research paper due; click here for the requirements of the revision folder


Subject to change at my discretion.


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