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Dr. Rita W. Tekippe   

History of Art
Department of Art    University of West Georgia
324 Humanities


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    Letters of Recommendation

    Art 1201: Introduction to Art

    Art 2202 Survey of Art History II

    Art 3230 Medieval Art & Architecture

    Art 4295 History of Drawing

    Art 2000:
    ral Communicaton

    Art 4201 Non-Western Art

    Art 3240-1DW 17th-Century Art & Architecture 

    Art 3260 American Art & Architecture

    Art 2201 Survey of Art History I

    4201/5201B Non-Western: Asian

    Art 3270 /5208: Early 20th Century

    Art 4208 Art of the 20th & 21st Centuries

    XIDS 2100

    Art 4208B: Art of the 20th&21st Centuries: Pollock to

    Art 4240 Special Topics: The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt

    Art 4220 Museum Seminar