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Art 2201   History of Western Art I

              Gardner's Art Through the Ages,

                  The Western Perspective  13th Edition, Volume I

                    Fred S. Kleiner, editor   



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2201smr09x0.htm   \2201\2201xsm091argd.htm 201x2s9.htm  smr09fex201.htm     

Introduction to Online & Instructions   201ex2f09.htm 201x1sp10.htm
Terms   201x1f10.htm 201x2f10.htm 201x3f10.htm  
Vocabulary of Form      201x1sp11.htm   201x2spr11.htm  201X3spr11.htm
perspective, Picture plane   201x1sm11.htm 201x2sm11.htm  201X3sm11.htm   
Quiz information: samples      201x1f11.htm    201ex2                           p10.htm 201x2f11.htm 201x3f11.htm
Exam Studyguide

   201x1sp12.htm     201x2sp12.htm 201X3sp12.htm

Greek Temple Plans, Orders