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Art 4208A   Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries

                History of Modern Art   5th Edition

                               by H.H. Arnason & Marla Prather   


  = updated for SUMMER 2009
 Summer 2009 Syllabus


 The Futurist Manifesto
Term Project Summer 2009
 Introduction and Instructions
The following files maye not all work.  They are not really needed for the online class, as the PowerPoint downloads provide a better outline of the way the online course is arranged.  Some people do use them so they are left up here, but the missing ones will not be restored. ↓↓↓
Studyguide 1
Studyguide 2

Studyguide 3

Studyguide 4

Studyguide 5

Studyguide 6

Studyguide 7

Studyguide 8

Studyguide 9

Studyguide 10

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Studyguide 16


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Exam 3 Summer 2008