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Nicaragua Mission Trip

In January 2006, I was able to travel to this beautiful Central American country with a medical mission team. It was mostly made up of members from Carrollton First United Methodist Church, although we had people join us from as far away as Kentucky and Chicago.

It was the first time I'd ever been out of the US (I don't think Niagra Falls, Canada really counts), and it was cleansing to be immersed in a culture so different than my own. It was a fantastic experience, and I think each of us returned home a little changed for the better.

I took tons of photos, so I encourage you to visit the galleries to the right. Certainly not all of them are award winners. But it is a pretty complete journal of the trip. It's hard for the camera to do this subject justice, but perhaps you'll see the beauty if you look hard enough.

A mis amigos en Nicaragua - ¡Espero verle muy pronto!



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