“Good Country People”: Character Sketch


Make a chart in which you list primary characteristics of each of the following characters:  Mrs. Hopewell, Mrs. Freeman, Joy/Hulga, Manley Pointer.  Use the questions below to guide your sketch of each character.  You may divide into groups of 2 or 3 do this assignment



1.  How significant are the names O’Connor gives these characters?  Do the names suggest something literal or ironic about the characters?


2.  How are the characters described in the story? Cite specific evidence from the text to support your findings.  To thoroughly analyze the characters, consider the


            A.  Physical appearance

            B.  Social status

            C.  Personality traits? Do any of these traits change throughout the course of the


            D.  Diction--How does dialogue/dialect contribute to character? How do these characters interact with each other?

            E.  Religious beliefs and personal ideologies

            F.  Are any images directly linked to specific characters?

            G.  Are any of the characters similar in any way?


3. Ultimately, Flannery O’Connor reveals through the characters in this story the irony of  her title “Good Country People.”  Are any of these characters actually good

  country people?  And if so, why?  How would each character define “good country people”?  Do any of these definitions change throughout the course of the story?