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2010 Simms Conference

September 23-Sept. 25, 2010

Plans for the 2010 Simms Conference at the University of South Carolina are now finalized. Members and others who are interested in Simms's life and works are cordially invited to attend. Conference information can be found HERE.


WGSS Constitution and Bylaws

An updated edition of the society's constitution and bylaws can be found HERE.


Spring 2010 Newsletter

The Spring 2010 Simms Newsletter has been mailed to society members. Please let us know know if you have not received your copy. An electronic edition is available in PDF format HERE.


Changes to the WGSS Bylaws

At the June 10, 2009 Executive Council meeting, the issue was raised that in order for the Society to function properly, the Bylaws need to be amended to allow for interim officers to be appointed when an office becomes vacant.


On November 17, 2009 a ballot was mailed to the membership to vote to amend the relevant section of the Bylaws:


The President-elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and at-large members are nominated by the Executive Council (with nominations also being accepted from the floor) and are elected to two-year terms by majority vote of the members present at the business meeting.


The membership unanimously voted to approved the following addition to the Bylaws to handle those situations:


If vacancies occur due to resignations or any other circumstances, replacements for the remainder of the two-year terms will be appointed by the President, with the advice of the officers, the at-large members, and the ex officio members.


These changes will be added to the society bylaws. Thanks to all members who participated in this process.


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