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2016 Simms Society Biennial Conference

Clayton State University, Morrow Georgia

September 22-24, 2016



Invitation to Attend and Participate

The Executive Committee is very pleased to announce that the 2014 Simms Conference will be held on September 25-27, 2014 at Clayton State University, conveniently located just south of metropolitan Atlanta and only a few miles from Hartsfield-Atlanta airport in Morrow, GA. Please mark this date on your calendar. We will have a full conference schedule that includes panel sessions on Simms's life and writings, as well as other activities and events that should interest everyone. Professional scholars, students, members of the Simms family, others with an interest in Southern history, literature, and culture are cordially invited to attend.

For additional information about the conference, including abstract submissions, contact Dr. Jeffrey Rogers, WGSS President

at <>

Conference information can be found below:



Send abstracts, via e-mail, along with brief (50-100 words) biographies, to Dr. Jeffery Rogers at Please imbed the biographical information in the e-mail, not in an attachment. Questions about the conference and paper submissions can be directed to Dr. Rogers at the same e-mail address.

Graduate and Undergraduate Submissions: We invite paper submssions from graduate and undergraduate students. Cash prizes for the best undergraduate and graduate student papers will be awarded, which include refunds of registration fees. To be considered for awards, complete student papers, not abstracts, must be submitted by April 15, 2016, and students must read papers at the conference to be eligible for prizes or publication.

Conference registration is $125 for academic presenters and others attending the conference, and $50 for students who are presenting. Registration includes an opening reception, a banquet, a program, a one-year membership in the Simms Society, and a copy of The Simms Review.

The William Gilmore Simms Society invites all interested scholars to a conference exploring the future of Simms studies and the literature and intellectual history of the Old South. William Gilmore Simms (1806-1870) was the antebellum South's most prolific writer and one of its best-known public intellectuals as a novelist, poet, critic, and historian. The Simms Society welcomes academics, graduate students, and undergraduates from all disciplines-especially history, literature, philosophy, and political science-to contribute papers on Simms's life and work for this major national conference. While the conference will address Simms and his writing from all perspectives, its special theme is the question of "The City" - its nature, its influence, its place in the culture. Simms is well known as a "pastoral" and "frontier" writer but in so being he cannot but also be speaking to the phenomenon of urban life and what "The City" means socially, politically and humanly speaking. Thus, this conference will be especially interested in any papers that touch upon the phenomenon of "The City" as it is addressed literary output.

Revised papers may be considered for inclusion in The Simms Review, a refereed journal published by the Simms Society. .

Please join us for this outstanding biennial event, September 22-24, 2016, at Clayton State University, which is conveniently located near metropolitan Atlanta.



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