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We Invite you to Join the Simms Society!

Joining is easy! Simply send your check or money order (do not send cash through the mail) in the appropriate amount (see categories below) to:

Dr. Todd Hagstette

Simms Society Secretary-Treasurer

910 Sumter Street

South Caroliniana Library
University of South Carolina
Columbia, S.C. 29208

Make all checks payable to The Simms Society.



WGSS Membership Categories

Charter members are those who joined the Society prior to December 31, 1993, and paid lifetime dues or dues assessed regular members.

Annual Membership is $30.00 per year. Membership includes an annual subscription to The Simms Review.

Lifetime membership is $300.00.

Student Membership is $15.00 per year. to qualify for student membership, you must be currently enrolled in a degree program at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Institutional Membership to libraries and other organizations is $45.00 per year.



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