12.2 Other Congruence Properties


 construction of congruent ∆’s by ASA —on your own


 construction of congruent ∆’s by AAS —on your own














 what about construction of congruent ∆’s by ASS?????? –this is not possible—look at p. 24 in your packet.







  1. Trapezoid—a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

 consecutive angles between parallel sides are supplementary






  1. Parallelogram—a quadrilateral in which each pair of opposite sides is parallel.

 opposite sides are congruent

 opposite angles are congruent

 diagonals bisect each other







  1. Rectangle—a parallelogram with a right angle.

 has all properties of a parallelogram

 all angles of a rectangle are right angles

 the diagonals are congruent and bisect each other








  1. Kite—a quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of congruent adjacent sides.

 lines containing diagonals are perpendicular to each other

 line containing one diagonal is a bisector of the other

 one diagonal bisects non-consecutive angles











  1. Rhombus—a parallelogram with all sides congruent.

 has all properties of a parallelogram and a kite

 all sides are congruent

 diagonals are perpendicular to and bisect each other

 each diagonal bisects opposite angles











  1. Square—a rectangle with all sides congruent.

 has all properties of a parallelogram, a rectangle, and a rhombus